Get ready...

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To help you get ready, there are a few things you can do before it is time to make a claim…

Get your rent account into credit

It can take up to six weeks for your Universal Credit application to be processed so make an extra payment to Shoreline now.

If you are going to find it difficult to manage until you receive your first payment, ask for an Advance Payment when you make a claim.

Get online

If you’re not already, find out how you can get online or access online services.  There are lots of local organisations who can offer help and advice. Plus places that hold free online sessions.

Set up a bank account

Universal Credit is paid directly into a bank account.  Some banks offer ‘basic’ bank accounts – accounts where you are not allowed to go overdrawn or into debt.

Manage your money

Plan how you will budget your payment. We know it’s a huge temptation receiving a large sum of money in one go but you must make sure that you pay your priority rent first then other bills. Contact us for support and advice.

If you feel you may struggle managing your monthly payments, ask about Alternative Payment Arrangements.

Let’s talk about money provides lots of useful hints and tips or use Money Manager from The Money Advice Service.

Don’t bury your head in the sand

If you are concerned about how Universal Credit will affect you please speak to your housing officer as soon as possible.

Find out more…

You’ll find more information about Universal Credit here.

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