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Feeling social? So are we. Like most of us, we’ve embraced social media and can be found on both Facebook and Twitter. Here’s where to find us...


We love ‘Facebooking’ - sharing news, views and photos - plus it’s a great way for you to chat with us and give us feedback. So get liking us...just search Facebook for Shoreline Homes to Rent.

Heard of it, but what exactly is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking website where you can create a personal profile, find friends and send them messages, tell people what you're doing, share links, post comments, join groups, share photos, chat and much more.

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We’re also fond of tweeting, with both an official Shoreline Twitter profile, one for our chief executive Tony Bramley and another for our director of operations Mark Jones, giving you an insight into the world of Shoreline. With snippets of info, links to interesting stuff, news and views it’s a good way for you interact with us.

Not joined the Twitterati yet?

Twitter is a social networking service that allows you to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters that are displayed on your profile page and delivered to your followers – people who subscribe to your account.

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You’ll find things we like, money saving tips, updates on projects, event photographs, ideas for the home and even more on our Pinterest boards

Pin it?

Pinterest is a free way of creating and sharing collections – boards of pins which are visual bookmarks. You can upload, share and save images and media content from other user’s boards or from websites – if you download the pin it button on your web browser or download the app. You can browse Pinterest using key words or topics. You can also follow, favourite or comment on other user’s pins.


View photos, videos and send and receive messages on Instagram.

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Instagram is a photo and video sharing app for Apple and Android devices. Create your account.


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