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Bogus callers

Lock, stop, chain and check when you receive a caller to your door.

  • Make sure you lock any other external doors before going to the front door.
  • Put the chain on and look through the window or spy-hole.
  • Check who the caller is and ask for ID.

You should always be on your guard against bogus callers posing as Shoreline employees.

Please remember - all legitimate Shoreline employees carry identification.

Please check caller ID before letting anyone into your home.

Do not be afraid to contact us to check on a caller if you have any doubts that they are genuine but make sure that you ring Shoreline on 0345 849 2000 and not on any number that a caller may hand you. Genuine employees will not mind you checking on them.

If you remain suspicious about a caller please contact the police and let Shoreline know.

Consider joining the Nominated Neighbour scheme if you would prefer a trusted neighbour or family member who lives nearby to check a caller is genuine.

If in doubt, keep them out.

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