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Privacy Notice

We collect and use your personal information in order to provide our services for you and in carrying on our activities. In doing so, we make it our priority that your personal information is used fairly under the Data Protection Act.

This Privacy Notice meets our statutory duty to you to explain who we are, what we intend to do with your information and who it will be shared with or disclosed to. By using and visiting our website and using our services you agree to this Privacy Notice.

Who we are

We are Shoreline Housing Partnership, a registered housing provider, a Community Benefit Society and a company limited by guarantee. Our primary purpose is to provide housing accommodation for those who are in need.

Our promise

When collecting, holding or using your personal information we promise to:

  • To hold your personal information on your behalf, and respect that responsibility;
  • Only collect and hold the personal information we need for our specified purposes;
  • Only retain your personal information for as long as we need to;
  • Be open and transparent with you about how we will use your personal data and who we will share it with;
  • Ensure effective safeguards and systems are in place to keep your personal information safe and secure;
  • Make it easy for you to access and correct your personal information;
  • Ensure all employees handling your personal information have appropriate training and guidance, and have processes in place to monitor, identify and deal with misuse; and
  • Act in compliance with the principles of the Data Protection Act.

How do we collect your personal information?

We may collect personal information from you in all of the following ways:

  • paper, electronic or online forms
  • CCTV
  • e-mail
  • telephone
  • website or
  • face to face, with one of our employees, or with one of our partners or contractors acting on our behalf

Use of CCTV

We have installed CCTV systems in some of our locations for the purposes of public safety and the prevention and detection of crime. In these locations signs are prominently displayer notifying you that CCTV is in operation and providing you with details of who to contact for further information about them.

We will only disclose CCTV images to third parties for the purposes of public safety and the prevention and detection of crime. CCTV images will not be released to the media for entertainment purposes or placed on the internet.

Images captured by CCTV will not be kept for longer than is necessary. However, on occasions there may be a need to keep images for longer, for example where a crime is being investigated.

You have the right to see CCTV images of yourself and be provided with a copy, please see the guidance on our website concerning your rights to make a Subject Access Request.


If you email us we will make a record of your contact and your email address. For security reasons we will not include any confidential information about you in any email we send to you, and advise that you keep the amount of confidential information you send to us via email to a minimum.

Telephone Calls

We will always inform you if we are making an audio recording or monitoring any telephone call you make to us or receive from us. Any audio recordings made will only be used for the purposes stated in this Privacy Notice and in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act, this will include for the purpose of employee training.

Using our website - Cookie law

If you use our website www.shorelinehp.com for general public access, then we will not store or capture personal information about you, we will however record the IP addresses or hostnames of all users accessing our website. This information allows us to produce statistics on the performance of our website, including how often it is being used, the number of unique visitors and the most popular pages.

An IP address is the numeric address of a computer, hostnames are similar in appearance to the domain names you see in website addresses or URLs and email addresses. The IP addresses and host names we record are those of the internet service provider's equipment that you are using to access the internet, and not your own computer's name or location.

The specific IP addresses and hostnames we record will be stored securely and not made publicly available. They will only be used by website log file software to compile overall summary statistical reports on the performance of our website.

Your internet service provider will keep records of who is using any IP address or hostname at any time, so it is theoretically possible to trace back activity shown on any website log file to a specific individual. In practice, this can only be done with the explicit involvement of the internet service provider, and such a trace would therefore only take place in the event of a serious criminal misuse of the internet and would be carried out by the police. We will not attempt to associate IP addresses and hostnames with individuals. In the event of serious criminal misuse of the website, the matter would be referred to the police for investigation.

We will only capture and record personal information about you, if you:

  • subscribe to or apply for services that require your personal information
  • contact us and leave your details for us to respond to.

We employ cookie technology to help log visitors to our web site. Cookies are small text files stored on your device when you access most websites on the internet. The information collected is used for the administration of the server and to improve the service provided by the web site. No personal information is collected in this way.

By using our website you agree to the use of cookies as described in this privacy notice.

You can choose to manage the cookies we use on our website though your internet browser settings at any time. For more information about how to do this and about cookies in general, you can visit www.aboutcookies.org. Certain cookies may be set as soon as you visit our website but you can remove them using your browser settings, although be aware that preventing cookies is likely to impact on the funcationality of performance of our website.

This statement only covers the http://www.shorelinehp.com/ which is maintained by us, and does not cover other web sites you are linked to from our site.

How we use your information

We will use your personal information for a limited number of purposes, and at all times in accordance with the principles set out in the Data Protection Act, including:

  • for the purpose you provided the information for or where you have consented to the processing of your information
  • to deliver the services you request
  • to allow us to communicate effectively with you
  • to confirm your identity where needed to provide our services
  • to improve our understanding of your needs, to enable us to inform you of and provide you with other relevant services and benefits
  • to monitor and improve our performance and delivery of services
  • to process financial transactions including payments or where we are acting on behalf of others
  • to ensure that we meet our legal obligations efficiently and effectively, including those relating to Equality and Diversity and Health and Safety
  • to carry out our enforcement functions efficiently and effectively
  • to prevent and detect fraud and corruption
  • where necessary to protect individuals from the risk of harm or injury and
  • where otherwise permitted under the Data Protection Act.

We may not be able to provide you with a product or service unless we have enough information, or your permission to use that information.

Your personal data, after it has been anonymised, may be used for statistical analysis to allow us to effectively target and plan the allocation of resources and provision of services.

Information sharing

We may disclose your information to others, but only where this is necessary, either to comply with our legal obligations or as permitted by the Data Protection Act. This includes for the purpose of the prevention and/or detection of crime, or where it is necessary to allow a third party working for or acting on behalf of us to provide service.

We strive to ensure that your personal data in our care is protected and secure. Where your information is disclosed to a third party, we will seek to ensure that they have sufficient systems and procedures in place to protect your personal data and will only use it for the specified purposes it was provided for.

We have agreed with our Local Strategic Partners a Community Charter for Information Sharing, so you can be assured that we and our local partners all comply with the same principles for the sharing of information.

Where we need to disclose your sensitive or confidential information, such as medical details to a third party, we will only do so once we have obtained your explicit consent, unless we are legally required to do so, or where we have good reason to believe that failing to share the information would put you or someone else at risk of harm.

We will not pass your personal information to external organisations for marketing or sales purposes or for any commercial use without your prior express consent.

We will only transfer your personal information overseas, where we are obliged to do so by law or in individual cases where there is a specific requirement and then only with your consent.

Data matching for the prevention and detection of fraud and crime

We are required by law to protect the public funds we administer, and may use any of the personal information you provide to prevent and detect potential fraud and crime, by conducting data matching on our own or in conjunction with others. The other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds we may share information with for data matching, include the Audit Commission, the Department for Work and Pensions, HM Revenue and Customs, the Police and local authorities.

Data Matching involves the comparison of computer records held by one body against other computer records held by the same or another body. The data matched is usually personal information and allows potentially fraudulent claims and payments to be identified. Where a match is found it indicates that there is an inconsistency which requires further investigation. No assumption can or will be made as to whether there is fraud, error or other explanation until an investigation is carried out.

We may take part in the National Fraud Initiative, which is a national data matching exercise to assist in the preventions and detection of fraud.

Who processes your personal information?

Our Board members and employees will be given access to and process your personal information for the purposes of their official duties, but only the personal information needed for that specific purpose, and for which they are authorised. They must not disclose your personal data to anyone else without your consent, unless they are legally obliged or empowered to do so.

You can write and ask us to stop processing your personal data at any time. You must explain what processing you want us to stop and shy. We must reply within 21 days to let you know what we have done about your request.

How we protect your information

We will only collect from you information relevant and adequate to meet our purposes. We have put in place rigorous procedures, supported by a set of information management and security policies, and employee training and guidance, to ensure your information is handled and processed securely and appropriately in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

We will not keep your information longer than it is needed for or we are required to by law. Your information will be disposed in a controlled and secure manner in accordance with approved guidelines.

You have the right to request that we stop processing your personal data in relation to any service. To do this you must write to us explaining what processing you want us to stop and why. Please be aware, that this may cause delays or prevent us providing you with a service. Where possible we will seek to comply with your request, but this may not always be possible, as we may be required to hold or process your information to comply with a legal requirement. We will reply to you within 21 days and let you know what we have done about your request.

You are legally entitled to request access to any information we hold about you, this is called a Subject Access Request.

We aim to ensure that any information we hold about you is correct. If you believe that any information we hold about you is incorrect, you have the right to have this corrected.

Please contact the service holding the information or our Company Secretary to exercise any of these rights, or if you have a complaint about how your information has been used.

Further information

We will at all times, comply with the legal requirements set out by the Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to the processing of your personal data. If you would like to know more or have any questions or concerns about how your information is being processed please contact us.

Further general information about the Data Protection Act is available from the Information Commissioner's web site. We are registered with the Information Commissioner as a data controller.

You can view our Access to Information, Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy for a more detailed explanation and read a brief explanation on our data protection page.


© 2007-2018 Shoreline Housing Partnership Ltd. Community Benefit Society Registration Number: 7695.



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